23.01.2023 | Germany caves to US pressure, responds to Poland ultimatum on tanks
Source - Fox News

Germany will not stop Poland from delivering Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, Germany's foreign minister announced Sunday.

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced plans to send the tanks Monday. Germany has bickered for weeks with the U.S. over who should deliver main battle tanks to Ukraine.

Morawiecki said Poland had been building a coalition of countries prepared to send Leopards to Ukraine even without approval from Germany.

"We will ask [Germany] for permission, but this is a secondary theme," Morawiecki said. "Even if, eventually, we do not get this permission, we — within this small coalition — even if Germany is not in this coalition, we will hand over our tanks, together with the others, to Ukraine."

The latest U.S. arms package for Ukraine notably lacked any M1 Abrams tanks. Ukraine has requested heavy battle tanks in anticipation of a renewed ground attack from Russia in the coming months.

The U.S. and other allies have pushed Germany to provide the vehicles, as its Leopard 2 tanks are considered to be the best suited for Ukraine's conflict.

Germany has already sold large numbers of Leopard tanks to other European countries that are in proximity to Ukraine, such as Poland. That proximity makes the tanks ideal from an aid standpoint as it allows delivery to be cheaper and faster.

The Ukrainian government said tanks, particularly the German-made Leopards, are crucial in its attempt to fend off Russian forces.


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