Source - Il Giornale

Miliary-grade weaponry in Ukraine is allegedly being sold on to international buyers on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, including some hardware made in the United States.

Source - Fox News

Russia agrees to send Iran raw metal materials in exchange for car repair parts.

Source - The Daily Express

Ukraine is threatening Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban with the disruption of a crucial pipeline unless he agrees to the sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia.

Source - The Daily Express

Russia's invasion force is now smaller than Ukraine's army, an expert has told, after Moscow's military suffered heavy losses and more Ukrainians were mobilised to defend their country.

Source - The Daily Express

"What we are seeing today in this country are signs of Russian interference which risks plunging us back into those dark days. This must be stopped," she said.

Source - The Daily Express

Speaking to Latvian parliament, he rejected calls to accept territorial concessions to appease Moscow.

Source - The Daily Express

Russia's forces were "literally hammered" in the east of Ukraine as they tried to force their way over a bridge, a former CIA director has said.

Source - The Daily Mail

Kremlin officials 'are already discussing who will replace Putin' because 'there is an understanding he will not run the country in the foreseeable future'.

Source - The Daily Express

Talks over sending Royal Navy ships to the Black Sea to escort grain from Ukraine amid a global shortage have reportedly taken place between Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Lithuania's Foreign Minister.

Source - The Daily Express

Ukraine has blown up a Russian commander military base using a NATO-supplied howitzer weapon, footage has shown.


Source - The Daily Express

Russia has claimed there is a "real threat" of Ukraine developing nuclear weapons, which could be a "false flag" to justify an attack with its own horror arsenal, an expert has told

Source - Fox News

Biden stated that the U.S. will send the military to defend Taiwan if the People's Republic of China were to invade the island nation.


by Amb. Eric Edelman - The Dispatch

Turkey remains an unpredictable and unreliable ally in a crucial geo-strategic location in the midst of Europe’s most serious crisis since the end of the Cold War.

by Anthony H. Cordesman - CSIS

The war is a strategic surprise that has shown that U.S. strategy must be truly global, be prepared for sudden and unexpected crises in unforeseen areas.

by Anthony H. Cordesman - CSIS

The United States needs to react to the Ukraine War in ways that fully address the reality that “globalism” and the “end of history” have proved to be dangerous illusions.

by Marc A. Thiessen - The Washington Post

But instead of calling the House back into session upon her return to pass the $33 billion in military immediately, Pelosi is linking the Ukraine aid to a controversial package of billions in additional covid relief.

29.04.2022 | Let Ukraine In
Ivo H. Daalder, the president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs - The Atlantic

Washington has led this effort from the start. It now needs to do the same to unite NATO members behind the idea of inviting Ukraine to join.

by Anthony H. Cordesman - CSIS

At best, developing and sustaining any coherent effort to deal with these issues will take at least five years to implement

by Jose Miguel Alonso-Trabanco - Geopoliticalmonitor

To say that the early 21st century is a turbulent era is an understatement. In the last two decades, the international system has experienced the incremental reactivation and intensification of geopolitical rivalries.

by James Jay Carafano - The Heritage Foundation

More than a year after taking office, Biden boasts a national gender strategy, but still no national security strategy.

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