Source - The Daily Express

The mini-budget has sparked days of economic chaos.

Source - The Daily Express

Many believe a gas leak in the underwater pipelines was caused by an act of sabotage, after Russia cut supply at the end of last month.

Source - Breitbart

Joe Biden’s foreign policy advisers are concerned that a victory by Italian leader Giorgia Meloni could weaken the united European coalition pushing back against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Source - The Daily Express

NATO has promised to build up their military presence in the area in response to threats from Moscow.

Source - The Daily Express

A state of emergency has been declared in Latvia in three areas along the border with Russia due to an influx of people trying to flee partial-mobilisation.

Source - The Daily Express

Der Leyen has threatened the "strongest possible response" against Vladimir Putin for the "deliberate" sabotage of the Nordstream gas pipeline.

Source - ABC/Washington Post

Just 35 percent of Democrat and Democrat-leaning independents favor Joe Biden for the 2024 nomination, an ABC/Washington Post poll found over the weekend.

Source - Il Foglio

The leader of Italy’s most popular left-wing party has announced he will resign after its catastrophic defeat to a coalition of right-wing parties led by Giorgia Meloni.

Source - The Daily Express

Maxar images appear to show queues of traffic attempting to get over Russian borders into Mongolia and Georgia.

Source - The Daily Express

Putin last week announced a partial military mobilisation with 300,000 reservists set to be called up for his botched invasion of Ukraine.



Source - The Daily Express

A leak has led to a drop in pressure on the Nord Stream pipelines but a German official reportedly claimed the incident followed a "targeted attack" from Russia.

Source - The Daily Express

Right-wing candidate Giorgia Meloni looks set to become Italy's first female Prime Minister, exit polls have suggested.



by Michael Rubin - Washington Examiner

Rather than engage a dying regime, Sullivan should recognize that the Islamic Republic’s demise might resolve more than Biden administration diplomacy ever could.

by Hans Mahncke - The Epoch Times

Whether Danchenko is convicted is largely meaningless if FBI leadership isn’t held to account.

by Victoria Coates,Marshall Billingslea - The National Review

When dealing with lawless and unpredictable foes, you sometimes need a clear and unambiguous demonstration of strength to shock them back into line.

by Dan Crenshaw represents the 2nd Congressional District of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives - Fox News

It has been a year since our disgraceful exit from Afghanistan. Our leaders still need to learn these lessons.

by James P. Pinkerton - Breitbart

“For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound,” the Bible warns us, “who shall prepare himself to the battle?” Without a doubt, weak leaders give uncertain sounds, and so they end up with few followers.

by James Jay Carafano, Vice President, Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute - The Heritage Foundation.

Biden believes he is reducing risk and making a better world. In reality, what he has is a schizophrenic foreign policy that has increased global risk and left our friends and allies dazed and confused.

by Hal Brands - American Enterprise Institute

A Sino-American conflict is likely to be long rather than short; it is likely to sprawl geographically rather than remain confined to the Taiwan Strait.


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