Source - The Telegraph

Olaf Scholz described the G7 agreement loaning £50 billion to Ukraine as a“a very historic step and a historic decision” for the war with Russia and sends a clear message to Putin.

Source - The Telegraph

Dozens of Russian soldiers surrendered to Ukraine’s forces after they launched a counter attack around the northern city of Vovchansk.

Source - Fox News

Collective Security Treaty Organization also includes Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.

Source - The Telegraph

Double boost as US also commits to support Kyiv war machine for a decade.

Source - The Telegraph

China will resolutely oppose all unilateral sanctions, following new warnings from G7 countries on small Chinese banks concerning their ties to Russia.

Source - The Telegraph

The United States will send another $1.1bn Patriot missile air defence system to Ukraine in the coming days.

Source - Times Radio

The Defence Secretary said there is still “everything to fight for” ahead of July 4 but warned against handing Sir Keir Starmer a bigger majority than Sir Tony Blair secured in 1997.

Source - The Telegraph

Russian and Belarusian troops have started the second stage of tactical nuclear drills in Russia.

Source - The Telegraph

The source gave no details on the talks, which took place in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod where Fidan was attending a meeting of the BRICS group.

Source - The Telegraph

The Biden administration has lifted restrictions on the transfer of American weapons and training to the Azov Brigade.



by Hamish De Bretton-Gordon - The Telegraph

Their list of recent successes - apparently by cutting edge weaponry - show a turning point in the war may about to be reached.

byFrancis Dearnley - The Telegraph

Moscow had a critical time window in which to defeat Kyiv this year. It failed thanks to the United States.



by Michael Robbins, Amaney A. Jamal, and Mark Tessler - Foreign Affairs - Foreign Affairs

And China Is Reaping the Benefits.

by Keith L. Carter, Jennifer Spindel, and Matthew McClary - Foreign Affairs

A Military Strategy to Outlast Russia.

by Liam Halligan - The Telegraph

The leaders’ co-dependency is shaping a powerful anti-Western alliance.

by James Kilner - The Telegraph

Andrei Belousov is more at home with columns of data than of tanks, but he could be key to Moscow’s war effort and a conflict with NATO.

by Tom Rogan - The Telegraph

America’s growing distance from the Ukrainian war effort can’t just be blamed on Trump. Biden is moving ever further from Europe.

Source - Advancing American Freedom

US troops could pay price if NATO Allies Don't Make Major Change.


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